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Five Excuses Keeping You from Happiness

Five Excuses Keeping You from Happiness

In relationships, business and life in general, the pain of lost or missed opportunities has a bigger impact than the regret of doing something wrong. 

When you say no to new ideas, opportunities, or people, you miss the chance to appreciate and experience everything life has to offer, which is vital for achieving happiness and success.

Our minds can subconsciously prevent us from accepting new opportunities that are right in front of us, denying us the opportunity to Grow, Improve and Evolve.

Why Do We Do This??

Why do we subconsciously sabotage our goals …our happiness and our success by not doing what we know we are supposed to do?? 

Excuse # 1-We Fear Failure

Some of us would rather take a detour than a step forward if that step involves any discomfort or risk. We tell our minds that we are “ok” where we are, and ultimately never move forward. We remain stuck, going through life complacent. We choose to avoid taking the steps required for personal growth and freedom.

We tell ourselves: I am too afraid to take the next step.

It is important to ask yourself this question: If I do nothing to ensure happiness and abundance in my life, where will I be two years from now? In five years. Ten years from now??? How will you feel about yourself and your life?

Do you want to allow your fears to control you? To stop you from living your best life? 


Excuse # 2 - We Over Indulge

Life is supposed to be enjoyed Right?? 

But too much of anything can quickly become detrimental.

Over-eating to fill the gap of boredom. Or frustration. Or anxiety. Or you might buy everything you want. Or become too lazy.

None of the above will help you accomplish what you want. The occasional “care to the wind,” is fine and necessary to prevent feeling overwhelmed. 

But moderation will support you in getting to where you want to go.

Test this theory. Give up just one bad habit. After a few days you will feel more alive and energetic. You will feel more accomplished.


Here are other excuses we tell our mind: 


Excuse # 3- I Am Too Old.

You are only too old if that’s what you tell yourself… Anything is possible with the right set of belief systems.


Excuse # 4- I Don’t Have Enough Time… Or It’s Not the Right Time….

I am sure you have watched people achieve results they truly want, without letting time stop them…. 

But if you are unsure about what it is you want in life, then this also becomes a reason to Not Do Anything.


Excuse # 5- I Am Not Good Enough.

People say this regarding a skill set, or a feeling of unworthiness, or low self-esteem….


With Affirmations and a Good Mentor you can figure out why you have limiting beliefs. Understand where they started. You can alter that negative belief system.

I always say to my clients as a Neuro Linguistic life Coach: “ The words you speak will create your present reality.” 

Words are extremely powerful. They send messages from the brain to the nervous system …and back to the brain.

If the words you use in your internal dialogue are negative, find out why you feel the way you do. Understand where the negative language is coming from.

As you work to understand the source of these harmful words, practice changing your negative beliefs into positive beliefs and statements. This is how to catapult yourself into a new, more open mindset

Your positive results will increase with practice, as you achieve better habits and learn to create the life you truly want.

Thank you for reading. My goal is to help you create a life of happiness and abundance. If you found this article helpful or inspiring, please sign up for my newsletter to receive ongoing inspiration and advice.