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Understand Yourself Through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

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Because of its ability to help you understand yourself, NLP can open the door to your inner self.

One of the most powerful ways we can take control of our lives and move closer to the person we want to be is by embracing a form of therapy known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

NLP helps people identify and alter ingrained, negative patterns that keep them from accomplishing their goals and living the life they want.

By altering these negative behavioral patterns, which can have emotional or physical manifestations, NLP enables people to open the door to a path that leads to positive, long-lasting, change in their lives.

Through NLP, we can overcome many different barriers. It is useful when someone wants to work on emotional issues including relationships, work, situations of abuse, or phobias. NLP can also help people lose weight, stop smoking, or work on physical problems.

What is NLP?

NLP is a powerful tool that can help us create the abundance of love, happiness and meaning we all want in our lives. It is a gentle form of therapy that helps people tap into their own inner power and inner strength to create change in their lives.

It is based on the belief that there is a strong connection between our minds and our bodies. Our well being is powerfully affected by the link between our emotional and biochemical responses. The words you speak, and thoughts you think, create either a positive or negative response.

NLP can help you understand the thoughts and behaviors that determine who you are.


The NLP modeling process involves finding out how the brain (neuro) operates by analyzing language patterns (linguistic) as well as non-verbal communication like posture or eye movement. An NLP professional works with a person to help them uncover the hidden language they use day to day and how it affects their thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

The result of this analysis is then put into a step by step strategy or program that supports people in overcoming whatever it is that they have set as their goal.

What's more, our Mind/Body connection attitudes have a powerful effect on the immune system.

NLP therapy is usually short-term, and people will see change almost immediately, from the very first session. However those changes are just the beginning, the work is long lasting and is not a quick fix.

Over the past several decades, NLP has become an invaluable tool for those seeking to open the door to the inner workings of their mind and body with the goal of becoming the person they know they should be.

The Development on NLP

The Neuro-Linguistic Programming approach, which developed in the 1970's, is based on the work of Milton Erickson and developed out of the modeling of human thinking skills.

Erickson looked beyond the conscious content of an individual's responses into the deeper unconscious mind to identify the patterns and beliefs affecting physical actions.

For example, if you asked a person what was going on in their mind when they did a given activity like brushing their teeth, they would say, "I don't know, it just happened.”

NLP is a way of analyzing the creative process to find the subconscious sources behind the actions that make up our day-to-day life.

“NLP Worked for Me”

As a counselor and the former director and founder of Insight in Connecticut, I discovered NLP when confronted with some serious physical problems. I started looking for alternative methods of healing and discovered NLP. Once I learned the techniques and understood their power, I started incorporating them into my life.

NLP worked for me. I found these techniques so helpful that I became certified in NLP, internationally certified in Ericksonian therapy, and started using these techniques in my work.

I’ve worked for more than twenty years with hundreds of clients through seminars, individual, and group work to help them break through the barriers that are blocking their development, enabling them to reach their full potential .

I like NLP because it is an innovative, thorough and productive way for people to enhance their lives without feeling immobilized while they are in therapy. They experience movement from the very first session. It puts the ownership back on the individual, which is very empowering. The client gains the realization and confidence of knowing that they are creating their own destiny and their own path.

Each person who comes through my door is unique and I treat each person using a variety of skills. But, to date, I haven't found one person who hasn't been helped by NLP.

How to use NLP

Working with an NLP-Certified therapist is the most powerful way to leverage NLP to make the positive change we want in our lives. The therapist's role is to teach the patient techniques that will work, and to guide the patient in the direction that enables change to happen.

NLP therapists incorporate relaxation, visualization and other lifestyle changes as part of their therapy. The therapist’s goal is to empower the patient with the tools to make the lifestyle changes they want.

Because NLP gives people the tools they can use to create change within their own lives, they are the ones creating the change.

Relaxation is Key

Full relaxation is an essential component of NLP therapy. Learning how to completely relax your mind and body allows you to open yourself to the healing process. Once relaxed, personal healing can take place and change can happen.

Relaxation techniques are basic tools that I use in my work. From working with my patients, I have developed a series of CD’s for stress reduction, weight loss, and to help people stop smoking.

Here is a relaxation video meant that will help you relax and find balance.

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My work has been recognized by chiropractors and physicians who use my stress reduction meditations as an integral part of their healing work. Once the patient is relaxed, muscles can be aligned more easily and a chiropractor's work is more effective.

Relaxation techniques have also proven to be useful with heart patients. What's more, these techniques have become part of the treatment used with many cancer patients.

NLP Therapy is a powerful way to achieve lasting change in your life.

By working with an NLP-certified professional, an individual can learn to reprogram their behavior and initiate positive change into their lives. NLP pays a key role in my seminars, which are all about learning how to heal.

When working with clients, I combine this NLP-powered re-programming and reinforce it through Ericksonian work, which acts like the cement that makes the change long lasting.

I hope you have found this article explaining NLP helpful.


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