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Stress Relief from Laughter? No Joke!

Stress release and laughter

Laughing out loud is great stress relief. This simple act can help your health and improve your mood in untold ways.

Don’t believe me?

Short term, when you laugh it lightens your mental and emotional load by causing physical changes in your body. Laughter stimulates your organs by taking in oxygen-rich air, and at the same time releasing endorphins in your brain that cause calm and relaxation.

Long term, laughing improves your body’s immune system, helping you fight off sicknesses of all kinds, promoting longevity and well-being.


Negative thoughts and beliefs manifest into chemical reactions that affect your body by bringing more stress into your system and decreasing immunity. In contrast, positive thoughts and beliefs, coupled with laughter, help release neuropeptides that fight stress and potentially more serious illnesses.

Laughter relieves pain as it breaks the pain spasm cycle related to muscles - it produces a natural pain killer. Laughter and positive thoughts increase your personal satisfaction as it lifts your mood, making it easier to cope and connect with others.

Studies have shown that just the act of smiling is enough to boost your mood significantly.

So put more laughter into your day. Give it a try… it’s simple. Just put the corners of your mouth up and feel the difference.

Take the time to find the humor in your life. You will like the results and will feel lighter and more vibrantly alive!

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