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How Do We Create Successful Relationships?

creating healthy relationships

As a life coach and seminar leader for more than 35 years, I keep hearing all of the reasons why relationships do not work. I can tell you after being happily married for 53 years, yes to the same man, that relationships can work successfully. 

So much has been written is the last few years about relationship problems including many books with an emphasis on codependent unhealthy relationships. Some that deal with addictions or abuse or obsessive love. However little is said about how to create and sustain a healthy functional relationship. 

You may be frustrated by being told how not to act in a relationship… but left not understanding how to behave instead. 

I watched my own parents struggle with an unhappy marriage. I decided early on that to create a good relationship with another, you first have to truly know who you are and what you want in your life and relationships, and to always continue learning about your answer.

A Couples Retreat

That is why I created a Couples Retreat, a place to learn, grow and recapture the love for yourself and your partner. A place with specific communication tools and guidance learning to create a safe space where couples can handle any problem or conflict, and start reconnecting. 

Couples recreate better communication skills and are able to set common and individual goals while reigniting their intimacy and love for one another. Learning that nothing is too difficult to overcome when two people support one another…and have created healthy boundaries. This is ok..this is not!

Continuing Series on Building Healthy Relationships

Sounds too simple. Yes it is simple, but it’s not always easy. The work of creating a healthy relationship will be discussed in a series of articles for you to read in my ongoing newsletter.

Instead of focusing on self-defeating relationship patterns and unequal power, we  will focus on the positive, healthy ways to be together and overcome issues.

Self-defeating patterns and unequal power in relationships lead to resentment, dissatisfaction and arguments. These pull people into their own protective shell of isolation and loneliness, making healthy a relationship all but unattainable.

I will discuss how to identify and change these patterns and power dynamics so that you can create the loving relationship you deserve.

We don’t learn how to create a Healthy Relationship as youth

As we grew up, we rarely got a chance to learn the skills necessary to have healthy relationships. There certainly wasn’t a course that talked about personal issues. And our parents either didn’t know or did not discuss relationship issues with us.

So most of us fumbled and bumbled our way through - or not!  

Most of us learned what we know about relationships from observing the people around us, or media images, even movies. 

These images and examples from popular culture naturally focus on what’s wrong.


When I work with couples we focus on what works, and we find effective ways to remedy what isn’t working.


This is the first in a series of articles on creating healthy relationships. Subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on social media to get more helpful content.

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