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Gail Petrowsky

Are You Listening to Your Clients?

The greatest gift you could give your clients and all of your relationships, is being fully present while you are with them. I am still practicing this myself and when you truly listen to the words that others are speaking without interruptions you are giving them the gift of really being heard. Most of us from time to time have the need to respond before the other is finished communicating and we have all experienced how frustrating that can be…..not being heard. We all could utilize better listening skills, it will help create safety and trust as you get to know your clients or any relationship better. Our personal relationships will also understand that you are truly interested in what they are saying. You don’t always have to have an immediate response to others or be thinking of what you are going to reply as they are speaking because this takes your focus away from them. Better Listening skills will create better results. 

I know that I have had success in resolving participant’s issues in seminars as well as in my personal and professional relationships. Sales go up not down and issues are resolved when you truly care enough to listen and then respond. 

This is a work in progress for me that I always find most rewarding and fulfilling. 

What are you doing to improve your listening/ communication skills?