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Gail Petrowsky

Who and What Are You Grateful For?

As I watch the changes of the season colorfully being painted around the reservoir that we live on, I am reminded of all the changes we all go through in a lifetime. Change is a constant that we can always count on. Most people do not like or feel comfortable with change even though it is always happening. 

We encounter changes on all levels of our lives. Some of us experience a myriad of career changes, relationships change health and loss and gains happen. When I look back at some changes in my life I might not have liked or wanted them all however they all taught me something. One of my life’s lessons came from my Dad. The full impact of what I had learned from him became clearer with every interaction I had in business. My dad was a well-loved and an admired Realtor in our small rural town. He was my mentor in many ways and I am forever blessed with what I had learned just by watching him interact with the public. Dad taught me to respect people from different walks of life and not to be prejudiced or judgmental. As a young girl I watched how kind he was to others. He made friends with every person he met ready to support them with a positive attitude and a helping hand. He was successful, I believe because he created relationships as a primary way of interacting with others. It wasn’t about how many sales he could achieve. It was about assisting others in finding the right home for their budget and their life style. It was for Dad and for me all about developing relationships. Referrals from clients turned into friends made him the success he was. 

I am grateful every day for his teachings. Life can throw some pretty tough curve balls our way at times that I know we have to feel and experience, However I learned to create a time line of dwelling on the tough stuff in life and then to move on. I share these teachings in my seminars and with every person I meet on my life path and career. 

Change is a constant, filled with varied hues of color and emotions at times. What changes have been made easier by mentors that you have had? Who and what are you grateful for? 

A change that I am going through right now is taking care of my elderly mom and watching all the changes she is going through. She has also been my mentor in so many ways, but that is for another post. Change presents the learning of being patient and being present moment to moment. Thank you for allowing me this venue to share some of the teachings I am grateful for.

As I drive down some country roads looking for a house to renovate in your mind’s eye you can hear me asking my dad…. “So dad what do you think???”