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What Do a House Flipper and a Life Coach Have in Common?

What do a house flipper and a life coach have in common you may ask? Actually a lot, it is all about changes and transformation. In my seminars that I designed and facilitated for over 25 plus years my mission is to make a difference, one person at a time. Each home that we buy and renovate, Joe and I decide structurally what needs to be modified so that the house is updated, improved and becomes a WOW!! Like some of you doing renovation work small essential changes and sometimes larger alterations change the look dramatically and our future buyers can feel good about being in a home that is sound and visually appealing. The staging always makes a big difference and I love doing that and seeing it all come together. I thank my team who helps me with each home. They are a gift. 

Similar steps are taken when designing a one or two day seminar to support others and myself in being more aware of our own canvas of life and then transformation begins happening one step at a time. The tools that are used may not be carpenter tools, but are just as essential. Interaction from the participants and my team of assistants gets the seminar to the place of growth and greater awareness. I am blessed to be doing what I love and creating change. 

This was my first blog. It took me awhile to just do this, so for those out there like Joe and others who have been supporting me, thank you!