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Gail Petrowsky


Too often while working with clients as well as looking at my own life I constantly hear “there is no time for me” and we can feel like we are on overload. So many times our work and other projects, family responsibilities as well as other commitments can lead to us feeling submerged and entangled. Our intentions are there to assist others as well as meeting all of our personal responsibilities. 

Choices have to be made and a list of priorities put into place. We can get caught in the web of pleasing others and it is great to want to make a difference if you are also creating time for yourself. It could be time to work out, meditate, read, etc. as long as it is time out for yourself, perhaps for a half hour or hour of “me” time per day. 

We all understand time management and I sometimes teach it however learning to say no is a very important lesson for each of us and our well-being. 

We all have a myriad of good intentions however I know from personal experience and working with my clients that creating that special time is vital. Once you have prioritized and have given yourself permission to that “me” time per day now you can start creating more balance with your families so that the time you do spend is quality. You will actually have the energy to be present and accounted for in mind body and spirit when you are with others. I realize how difficult it can be to say NO. It takes a concerted effort to take that time for you. You will be a happier camper and handle life far better with a more positive outlook. I know I am when I practice this myself. 

Take a look, step back and evaluate your life and where it would serve you to say no.