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Gail Petrowsky


Gail can help you change your life, so check her out. If you think your life is perfectly fine, check her out anyway because she can help you make your life better. Gail Petrowsky is not a miracle worker or a magician, but she has a skill of making people tune into themselves so completely that the results are life altering. Gail is a professional motivational speaker who has worked with thousands of people for more than 20 years as a holistic facilitator for personal growth. In constant demand, she has been offering Stress Management and Relationship Improvement weekends throughout New England. Her Women's Wellness seminars are booked at the most prominent spas and salons in the country. "Women's Wellness Weekend literally changed my life," said Marianne Dougherty, the distinguished publisher of American Salon Magazine.

Gail incorporates Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as Ericksonian techniques, she can help you jump-start your life into positive, new and exciting directions. NLP is a safe, user-friendly, gentle form of therapy that helps people alter negative patterns, which keep them from being their best. Her work is not a quick fix, nor is it a cure-all, it is a door opener to overall wellness.

"Many of today's busy women have difficulty finding time to care for themselves. They are so geared to caring for others that they often lose touch with themselves. Their professional and personal relationships suffer because of it and often become stressful. Without a strong support system in place, women not only jeopardize their health and well being, but they lose some of their precious personal power.

You can alter old patterns, learn how to reenergize yourself, empower your life, and you can enhance your professional and personal relationships while you create wellness and happiness from within through Gail's uniquely custom-designed programs.

Through the years, Gail has successfully developed a series of CDs
for stress reduction, weight loss, and how to quit smoking. Her work has been recognized by physicians and chiropractors who use her CDs as part of their healing work.

If you want to learn more about her seminars, you can call Gail at (860) 974-1379. CDs are $14.99 each (and are available for digital download). Her booklet, co authored by Joanne Greco Rochman, A Women's Book (Being Special and Staying Well) is available for $8.00 (plus tax and $2.50 shipping).

by: Joan Rochman Shore Magazine