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Physician health thyself is good advice taken seriously by Gail Petrowsky, MSW, of Manchester, CT.  After successfulyy dissolving tumors she had developed in 1984.  Gail went to work teaching others what she had learned about psycho-neuro-immunology; the science of mind/body connection for healing.  As a professional workshop and retreat facilitator.  Gail teaches a simplified way to get through the blockage and fear that keep people from their goals and true desires.  “That’s what life is all about” she shrugs, smiling.  “It all comes down to belief in yourself and knowing that cells can change.  The words we speak and think create the physical and mental reality we experience.


Gail Petrowsky, MSW, is a Holistic Counselor, certified internationally as an Eriksonian Hypno-therapist and practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  Her experiential seminars incorporate her expertise in these techniques as well as others.  Seminars focusing on topics and issues such as Healing the Inner Child, Stress Management, Abundance and Women’s Retreats, are attended by approximately 70% recovery program participants.


She admits that she slipped with her own boundaries and self-care again a few years later when she was diagnosed with Lupus.  Over the course of three months, however, she also defeated this disease by once again refocusing her attention on “bringing myself present to handle and cope better with thing.  I had to keep myself aware and conscious because I started giving too much…”



Explaining that giving is important and healthy, she clarified that giving more

than you can manage soon translates into illness.  “I need to stay in touch with my needs too, and provide for them.  It’s like going shopping every week – you have to restock your fridge on a regular basis or else you will not get the proper nourishment!  And if I feed the whole neighborhood the day after I shop, because I feel sorry for the neighbors, then I am doing myself and them a disservice.  I will go hungry (at least blow my budget) unnecessarily.  Because my neighbors don’t need me to feed them, and by doing so I am assuming they can’t take care of themselves.  Therefore I disempowered us both.”


Participants believe it is Gail’s deep rooted confidence and understanding of their needs and abilities to heal and the tremendous sense of respect and caring that makes the experience uniquely powerful.


                                                                        Kim Prario:  Northeast Recovery Networker