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NLP Neuro-Linguistic programming



NLP is a very gentle form of therapy.  It is based on the belief that there is a very strong connection between our minds and bodies. NLP supports you in accomplishing your goals and stop limiting patterns and habits, so that you can be more productive.

NLP is useful in enabling people to create changes in their lives and is used to help them overcome many different barriers.  Through NLP a person can lose weight, stop smoking, or work on physical problems such as hair loss or allergies.  It is also useful when one wants to work on emotional issues including relationship work, situations of abuse or phobias.  The approach is relatively new; having been developed in the 1970’s and is very powerful.  NLP helps people tap into their own inner power and inner strength to create change in their lives.

NLP therapy is usually short-term.  People will see change almost immediately, from the very first session, but the word is long lasting and is not a quick fix.  Because NLP gives people the tools they can use to create change within their own lives, they are the ones creating the change.   The therapist’s role is to teach the patient techniques that will work, and to guide the patient on the direction that enables change to happen.

NLP is based on the belief that our well being is powerfully affected by the link between our emotional and biochemical responses. The words you speak and thoughts you think, create either a positive or negative response. What's more, our Mind/Body connection attitudes have a powerful effect on the immune system. Learning how to completely relax your mind and body allows you to open yourself to the healing process

Relation techniques are basic tools that Gail Petrowsky uses in her work.  Once an individual is relaxed, healing can take place and change can happen.  From her work with patients, she has developed a series of tapes for stress reduction, weight loss, and to help people stop smoking.  Her work has been recognized by chiropractors and physicians who use her stress reduction tapes as an integral part of their healing work.  One the patient is relaxed muscles can be aligned more easily and a chiropractor’s work is more effective.  Relaxation techniques have also proven to be useful with heart patients.  What’s more, these techniques have become part of the treatment used with many cancer patients who incorporate relaxation, visualization and other lifestyle changes as part of their therapy.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is based on the work of Milton Erickson who looked beyond the conscious content of an individual’s responses in the deeper unconscious mind.  For example, if you asked a person what was going on in their mind when they did a given activity like brushing their teeth, they would say, “I don’t know, it just happened.”  NLP is a way of analyzing the creative process.