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Terrorist attack raises travel concerns for many


The terror attacks in Brussels on Tuesday may not have occurred in the U.S., but it certainly has an impact on people in America. 

Many have to deal with stress and anxiety when it comes to travel, and the tragic events on Tuesday only add to the fear people have when preparing to travel or even think about traveling.

The terrorist attacks in Belgium killed 34 people and injured 200, but the far reaching effect on people worldwide comes in the form of stress and anxiety about traveling.

“The most important thing is to stay as calm as you can. Your brain is going to program how your body will react to all the terror that is happening right now,” said life coach Gail Petrowsky.

Petrowsky said dealing with the stress that comes with terrorist attacks takes several steps. The first is to avoid the saturation of the event brought on by news reports.

“It's important to not watch these images on television, over and over again because it will escalate your fear and your upset,” Petrowsky said.

When dealing with your children and their knowledge of the world around them, she says it's important they know what's going on and the calming messages should come from their parents.

“It's best that you bring the facts to them instead of shielding them and yes we need to be calm when we are talking about the facts,” Petrowsky said.

Dealing with stress and anxiety takes time and effort, and Petrowsky said that putting forth the effort is essential in living a fulfilled life.

“You have to decide how you are going to live your life and if you are going to let fear run your life, you won't leave the house,” Petrowsky said.

She said there are actual physical exercises you can do to also help with stress and anxiety, such as deep breathing.

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