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Women's Wellness Seminars

In its year end issue, Entrepreneur magazine predicted that day spas would be one of the fifteen hottest business for 1996. "Day spas are becoming more of an alternative health arenas," said our senior editor, Lorraine Korman, who was not only quoted in the article, but also suggested that the real growth is in wellness programs that help clients relieve stress and may help prevent future medical problems.

Famous destination spa, Canyon Ranch, offers special programs for health education and awareness, such as "Life Enhancement Program," which addresses personal goals such as smoking cessation and weight management.

Last fall I was invited to a "Women's Wellness Weekend" that literally change my life at Noelle's Day Spa in Stamford. Gail Petrowsky, a holistic counselor and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) therapist, hosted the event, which was attended by about two dozen women.

NLP is a gentle form of therapy that helps people alter negative patterns that affect them in either an emotional or a physical way and keep them form realizing their goals. While people see change almost immediately, the work is long lasting because it gives people the tools they need to create change within their own lives. While Petrowsky does not claim that NLP is a "magic bullet," she is convinced that women have the power to heal themselves, The problem is they're so busy nurturing everyone else that they've forgotten how to take care of themselves.

The seminar is designed as a peaceful and powerful opportunity to heal old patterns and wounds with non-judgmental support, learn mind-body techniques to recreate wellness, enhance relationships with both men and women, and discover that it's never too late to create happiness in our lives.

I recommend any of Petrowsky's seminars, including "Healing the Child Within" and "Creating Successful Relationships." If you'd like to participate in one of them or wish to book a seminar at your salon or day spa, call 860-836-4346. Before you know it, you'll be adding yoga classes and a juice bar. Think of it as a whole new take on total beauty.


By Marianne Dougherty, American Salon Magazine