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Gail Petrowsky

Jane Schreiber

Gail Petrowsky, how can I clearly explain how she has made a positive lasting change in my life and the lives of countless other women in her seminars?

I've had the good fortune to be a participant in two of Gail's seminars as well as assisting her in several others over the years. The first time I took one of her seminars, I was just divorced and estranged from my son. I felt I was going to burst with sadness. I could find no place for joy or hope in myself. Through her abilities, over a two-day period, she helped me reframe my thinking and I walked out of the seminar refreshed and joyful with hope in my heart. I have been eternally grateful to her for teaching me to love myself and to know that I am enough. She gave me the tools to meet the challenges we all have in our lives. 

As I've assisted her over the years, I've been amazed at the diversity of the women who have taken her seminars. They have come in all ages, all religions, all colors, and ethnicities with a myriad of challenges to overcome, from personal losses to devastating childhoods, or like me, with a deep bout of heartache. I've watched her prepare meticulously for each workshop. When she walks into the room of these diverse women, with their different trials and tribulations, she intuitively goes to a place inside herself that knows precisely what she needs to do to meet their needs. Every time I've assisted her, she has created an atmosphere where women can be brave enough to be honest with themselves and give themselves permission to heal and be the person they now know they can be. Honestly, when the women who have participated in Gail's seminars leave, they look younger, brighter, and full of new hope and resolve.

There is nobody like Gail who, in a one day or two day seminar can change your life for the better. I highly recommend her to you. If you need to break out of your disparaging way of thinking that keeps you trapped in never ending sorrow and stress, take one of Gail's seminars and walk out with a life affirming new perspective on your future.

Alesia Moore

I attended my first women's seminar and was mentally and emotionally in a strange place. I felt stuck and borderline depressed, I was the one that was always there for everyone, and I was now ready to live my life for myself and weighted with the guilt of what I perceived as abandoning people that relied on me. However, in the few hours, I was there, I changed my mindset. I was excited about possibilities and free of guilt associated with deciding to live the next part of my life for me. I also confronted a limiting belief in my life. I had not realized that limiting beliefs did not have to be lies but could be grounded in truth! I mentally confronted a fundamental truth in the African American culture and decided that the "truth" did not have to be my truth or reality. Doing so opened up possibilities and pushed the limits I had allowed to hinder me.

So, here I am less than six months later, relocated to a new state, embarking on a new life without limitations, and forever thankful for the opportunity to have experienced first hand the amazing Gail Petrowsky.


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Jon Brandon

Gail ,I just wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve given me in my life. Whether it was through a seminar that you were doing or the personal sessions we had together I still use the tools you gave me to this day and reflect on the words that you spoke that helped me so much ,so please Gail keep doing what you do because there’s still a lot of people that need you.

Bernie Schreiber

Gail worked with me during one of my most difficult emotional times of my life and, in a relatively short period of time, helped me to reframe my view of myself and allowed me to move forward in a positive way. Since then I've participated in her men's wellness weekend and her "Healing the Inner Child" weekend, both of which helped me to grow as a person and to find joy in life. Thank you Gail.

Jane Elizabeth Schreiber

Gail is a heartfelt healer. Her passion to release someone’s suffering shows through her countless hours of dedicated therapy. This dedication to help when needed transcends years. Because of her,my life’s journey with all its ups and downs has been brightened because I know she will always be there when I need her because she always has been.