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Gail Petrowsky

Anthony Lynstein

Since the day I met Gail I've been enthralled in her Godly presence. The sheer joy she carries emulates through each moment with her. As a young man, I've experienced many hardships, as most of do in our lifetime, but Gail has been a single force to help me learning my quality in living. My ability to overcome and use those struggles to become a greater influence on those with similar struggles. I use her teachings of love, grace & accountability each and every single day both in business and personal doings. A mother to thousands over a span of decades, there's a supreme strength of The Holy Spirit in her that makes you feel like her only child. I'm privileged to have ever even met her. God bless you, the reader. And may you, Gail, continue to live in your purpose. Thank you for all you do. On behalf of all 19,536 children, your only son says thank you.