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Gail Petrowsky

Alesia Moore

I attended my first women's seminar and was mentally and emotionally in a strange place. I felt stuck and borderline depressed, I was the one that was always there for everyone, and I was now ready to live my life for myself and weighted with the guilt of what I perceived as abandoning people that relied on me. However, in the few hours, I was there, I changed my mindset. I was excited about possibilities and free of guilt associated with deciding to live the next part of my life for me. I also confronted a limiting belief in my life. I had not realized that limiting beliefs did not have to be lies but could be grounded in truth! I mentally confronted a fundamental truth in the African American culture and decided that the "truth" did not have to be my truth or reality. Doing so opened up possibilities and pushed the limits I had allowed to hinder me.

So, here I am less than six months later, relocated to a new state, embarking on a new life without limitations, and forever thankful for the opportunity to have experienced first hand the amazing Gail Petrowsky.


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