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Gail Petrowsky


I had attended Gail’s seminar “What Women Want” with my most precious, best friend, Judy.  Boy was I glad I did!  Gail is an amazing facilitator.  

There were 40 women participants in the room, along with Gail and her support staff.  The energy in the room was palatable and increased as the day went on.  From the very beginning, Gail’s exercises were eye opening.  She showed me just how connected the room full of women really were – all with similar wants and fears.  The masks we so often wear were lifted, and our true selves came through.  I cried openly with complete strangers, something I do not usually do.  Lessons were taught and learned in ways that were profound.  I felt truly connected with my fellow sisters in the room.

Gail’s expertise came through loud and clear, as we worked through the exercises.  Gail, along with her wonderful support staff, made me feel supported, cared for, and safe.   We all worked through the day to touch the truth of ourselves and those in the room.  Gail asked and offered, but never pressured anyone to do anything they were not comfortable doing.  I believe her style caused more women to come forward to own their truth.

As I said, I went with my dear friend Judy.  Judy was ready for the next step in her journey, and she took everyone in the room with her.  She stood in her resolve to shift old, negative self-talk.  I sat there - mouth agape- as my amazing friend worked through Gail’s techniques.  It seemed as if everyone in the room was standing with her in support.  I feel truly blessed that I was there.  The support and connection to everyone in the room was amazing.

I can’t wait till my next meeting with them.