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Gail Petrowsky

Judith L. Imperatore

Gail Petrowsky is the real deal. She is gifted and a natural healer-she can't help herself! She is honest and sincerely so deeply cares for those she works with. I have had a life time working with specialists such as Gail with little to no help. Gail does not assume to be the Guru but rather points the pivotal power to the individual. She is savant NLP practitioner and applies other healing practices that provides renewed perspectives. She is relentless...when you are truly ready and serious about making changes-Gail could help facilitate your dreams. Knowing herl has lead me to increased self-love and self-acceptance (I have suffered my entire life from self-loathing); increased mental health via affirmations and a context for affirmations that WORK; increased peace of mind, positivity; and, a connection to like minded people for support. She has helped ME change my life in ways I couldn't imagine-because I wanted it. When your ready to learn - the teacher appears...