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Gail Petrowsky

Ian G Fleming

I first met Gail in 1986 shortly after Joe her husband and Joe's brother came over to Westerly RI and inspected a duplex complex I was in the midst of building and developing. I can distinctly remember Joe opening and closing solid oak kitchen cabinet doors at the completion of his inspection and then he turned to me and said "Your valuations are all wrong!"

Now anyone who has known Joe for any length of time will understand that Joe does not know how to be anything other than totally honest.

Now at that time I had already been a State Cop discharged on full pension on medical grounds and before that at age 20 became the first and as far I know the only ever Licensed Registered Builder by the Victorian State Government to be granted a home builders license!

Of course I knew it all! Of course I was offended! Of course I made a judgement! In fact I made many judgments! Joe knew this because anyone who gets to know Joe will know he is very discerning!

Without reaction he recommended I attend one of his wife, Gail's seminars.

I did so a few weeks later and found Joe there all weekend assisting Gail on his time off.

One of the most important lessons for me was to learn to trust people. As a former State cop often working undercover assignments to trust will lead to certain death. This is why it was just so hard for me to trust anyone.

For many years I would not sit down unless my back was against a wall and I could view all entry and exit points of any room I was in.

As for judgments and what I learned there in Gail's seminars and workshops it was just so contrary to my police training and everything I was taught but I finally did get it.

It was in the autumn of 1993 after surviving a severe storm at sea driving my boat from Alaska back to Washington state.

Trust? If I ever had to learn to trust in order to live then it was definitely that night! If I had not trusted all the crew the boat would never have kept running. If I did not trust in the light from the Lighthouse I never would have gotten the boat around the Cape. If I did not trust the Compass exactly the same fate.

Finally when all appeared lost I simply let go and let God and placed my trust in my Higher Power. Because in the end that is all we can ever do.

It was Gail assisted by husband Joe who put me on this path.

I now know for a fact that if we do not trust each other it can mean our survival literally. The ability to be totally honest, to not judge, to show kindness in the face of hostility, to express Gratitude for each and every day of life and to Trust are just some of the regimen of my daily life which I practice almost religiously for I know for a fact what happens to me whenever I do not.

Gail you have my undying and eternal gratitude love and respect.