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Gail Petrowsky

Linda d'Hondt

The first association I had with you, Gail and team was your March 18, 2006, Women's Wellness Weekend. When I read your pamphlet prior to attending I thought "WOW. She's making some pretty big claims for a weekend." You delivered!

That experience and my Day of Relaxation and Healing have honestly had a positive cumulative effect on my life. I am continuing my positive affirmations (they are stickies everywhere) reframing negative self-talk to positives; am more peaceful during difficult times. The therapists you chose were wonderful.

Thank you for being who you are.

Linda d'Hondt

Julian P.

"Mr dear friend Gail:

You have touched my heart in ways I would not have believed possible. Your 'Gathering of Men' is an outstanding program. I wholeheartedly support it as a means for we men who truly accept ourselves as belonging and really meaning something to ourselves other than just our jobs, or society's perception of what we're supposed to be. You helped me learn who I really am and I profoundly thank you (and Joe) from the bottom of my heart.

Gail, as you know, I have been on a quest this year. I reached a point in my life where I realized that even though I have been contributing, I was empty and in search of fulfillment. I am not a weak man, but I learned fear. Fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of trying something new. I was stagnant. My first awakening came at the hands of Tony Robbins and his program. I must say that he too has helped propel me on my way and I love him for this. But the closest I have come to him has been to shake his hand. Your program is so intimate and 'one on one' that I am eternally grateful that God gave me the brains and heart to decide to attend and participate in your group. I am connected and balanced beyond my wildest dreams and I must say that anyone who attends and plays will be a winner. You help connect the dots. Am I done with my quest? I can honestly say 'No.' Now that I know what I know, I need more. I want to continue so that someday in the (near) future I can give what I've learned back to people less fortunate than myself. If I never make another penny, I am rich for what I recieved from you and my new found friends. This program is for all men with no exceptions.

Thank you and please, please continue with your outstanding work. You make a difference."

From my heart with love,

Julian P.