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Gail Petrowsky

Anthony Lynstein

Since the day I met Gail I've been enthralled in her Godly presence. The sheer joy she carries emulates through each moment with her. As a young man, I've experienced many hardships, as most of do in our lifetime, but Gail has been a single force to help me learning my quality in living. My ability to overcome and use those struggles to become a greater influence on those with similar struggles. I use her teachings of love, grace & accountability each and every single day both in business and personal doings. A mother to thousands over a span of decades, there's a supreme strength of The Holy Spirit in her that makes you feel like her only child. I'm privileged to have ever even met her. God bless you, the reader. And may you, Gail, continue to live in your purpose. Thank you for all you do. On behalf of all 19,536 children, your only son says thank you.

Christine Ann Kurtzman

I have done many workshops and seminars with Gail.
I have assisted and participated in both.
Personally it has helped me grow as a person. I learned to set boundaries and remember to take care of myself.
As I assisted in the seminars, I have seen people transform. They get rid of baggage and become a more alive person. It is great to see the change at the end of the weekend.
Gail has a way of reading the room and knowing what is needed.
She gives the group the tools they need to make the movement in their lives that they want to make. They then must use the tools to continue the work.
Gail is awesome at what she does. She always gets the job done.

Victoria Nimirowski

Overall, I'm a pretty skeptical person and did not expect significant benefits from a Women's Retreat that I took with Gail. I was pleasantly surprised by the experience Gail brought to the room, her facilitation skills and, most of all, her intuitiveness and compassion for the women in the group. Under her guidance, I was able to dig deep and recognize things that were blocking my progress in becoming the person that I want to be. Once uncovered, I was able to "change the script," so to speak, and have better control over my feelings and my reactions. I look forward to participating in the couples retreat, which I know is in the planning stages. I have no doubt it will be a worthwhile experience. I recommend Gail without reservation.

Joann Russell Desy

I have taken two completely transformative seminars with Gail! The first, a one- day event for women was so powerful, it resonated with me for days, weeks, and months afterward. I was going through an incredibly difficult health challenge at the time; I was afraid of the future and the decisions I was facing, but Gail gave me the tools to empower myself, to discover my strength and manifest for myself the future I hoped to have. I left that day emboldened to deal with the struggles I faced. After recuperating from major surgery to treat my cancer, I returned to a weekend retreat with Gail and a group of incredible women all seeking to find their best selves. By the time we completed our two days together, I had healed some deep-seeded hurts in my personal life and found ways to move forward in areas that had previously left me feeling "stuck."

Gail is a gifted facilitator who shifts her offerings to suit the needs of the PEOPLE in the room rather than a canned agenda she follows for every group. She provides pathways of support in and amongst the participants so that precious relationships can develop--people on similar journeys of discovery who support each other in doing so.

I cannot recommend Gail highly enough!

Sue D'amboise Ouimette

I have had the pleasure of meeting Gail and attending some of her seminars. She is an inspiration and has helped me and my husband to strength our marriage. I have had the pleasure of introducing my nephew to her after a tragic accident and the death of his fiancé. Gail helped him to adjust to his life without his fiancé and to learn to adjust his new way of living his life without sight. I would recommend Gail and her seminars to everyone, Even if it is just to enhance the life you have. Thank you Gail for everything
Danny & Sue