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Gail Petrowsky

A Powerhouse Transformational Retreat

For Powerful Women Ready to Soar to a Bigger Vision and a More Expanded Self!

This Weekend Calls You to:

  • Align with your dreams for your life, your career, and your abundance. 
  • Recognize and heal old beliefs and wounds that are in your way
  • Enhance and heal your relationship with yourself
  • Learn mind/body techniques to create and sustain wellness and peace
  • Recognize it’s never too late to claim your dreams and  fly!

With laughter, tears, and continuously increasing clarity, power, and joy, you may discover a YOU, you never knew was in there while moving into spaces you may never have imagined.

So now is the time to move forward discovering the YOU that has far greater power, impact, and wealth.

Arriving at that point means changing:

how you do your relationships

how you live your purpose

how you see yourself

how you step out into the world

how your live your life

how you define your future

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A former Catholic nun, international airline stewardess, author of 8 books, international speaker, and mother, Dr. Dorothy opened a private practice as a psychotherapist, and eventually became certified in 9 modalities of integrative health care, founded 5 companies, including The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, a pioneering school in integrative health.

After her youngest left for college, she left the USA and moved to Anguilla, BWI for 10 years before returning to the USA becoming Co-Chair of the Advisory Board of a multi-million-dollar grant overseeing energy medicine research across the country, a Clinical Instructor at the University of CT Medical School, and a Leadership Coach for Visionary Women Leaders ready to take themselves and their careers or businesses to the next level!!!


"Dr. Dorothy's intrinsic love of people, her spiritual approach to life, and her outrageous sense of humor combine to create an ability to inspire and motivate others to live their life in such a way that they know anything is possible. She has the ability to show that when your heart and soul are focused and you choose to live this life, not survive it, miracles happen every day. That is a message we all need to hear. She was an inspiration and a gift to all."

~ Denise Landry

"Stand your distance if you don't want to grow - Dorothy is a powerhouse with a special gift to see right through you, to get to the heart of the matter. I am blessed to have studied with her. I am better off for knowing her and you will be too. The world needs leaders like Dorothy around."

~ L.F

"This work has helped me to awaken to the truth of who I am, to honor each and every step of my journey, and to discover the power I have to make my life everything I want it to be."

~ JoAnn Lopes


Gail is a highly skilled Life Coach and a Master in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), MSW, training in the Albert Ellis Institute for Rational Emotive Therapy, and is certified in Ericksonian Therapy. Additionally, she is the author of a Wellness Booklet for Women and is one of the authors in an upcoming book which will be out this fall, titled ’’Living Your Optimal Life’’.

Gail is a mother of two, a therapist / transformational life coach and a director of an international seminar program for healing and transformation. She has designed and facilitated seminars throughout the country over 30 years. She has produced Stress Reduction meditations which are all streaming . In her business coaching, and personal development seminars she facilitates how to communicate with excellence.


"Gail has made a positive lasting change in my life and of countless other women… I was going through a tough divorce and took her two-day women’s seminar. Through her love she helped me reframe my thinking and gave the tools and confidence to meet the challenges ahead and am eternally grateful to her. Gail is a gifted facilitator there is nobody like her who in a one- or two-day retreat can change your life for the better."

~ Jane Schrieber

"I have taken two completely transformative seminars with Gail. The first One day event was so powerful it resonated with me for months afterward. I was going through cancer, and I was afraid of the future and decisions I was facing. Gail gave me the tools to empower myself, to discover my strength and manifest for my future. I returned to be in a two-day retreat and healed even further and was able to shift my life and learned how to heal some deep-seated hurts in my personal life and found ways to move forward in areas I highly recommend Gail. The experience is a WOW!"

~ Joanne Desy


This retreat, with breakfasts and lunches included, in an environment you can only dream of:

– Walking the Beach

– Sitting by the Fire

– Sipping a Glass of Wine

– or Simply Luxuriating in a Get-Away Weekend to Rediscover

– Embrace & Fly into the You that is Waiting!!!!!

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Led by two women who have each touched and transformed thousands over their journey!

Coming Together To Support You In Flying Forward With The Certainty – Vision – And - Expansion To Achieve The Goals You Have Only Dreamed Of With Joy Peace, Passion And Outrageousness – Your Birthrights!!!

Imagine the two of them COMBINED!

For your Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Health and Wellness.

Let's join together and heal the past. 

Empower who you are TODAY - and prepare for your life going forward.

This retreat includes breakfasts and lunches for both Saturday and Sunday


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Because we are keeping the group to a smaller size, both Gail and Dorothy will be working with each of the members within the large group setting.

Because of our expertise in healing physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds on an energetic level there is no topic that is off base.

In creating a safe, wide-open container, we are excited and ready to help the healing and expansions needed throughout the weekend. Be ready to leave - open for expansion and eagerly creating the future you could only dream of upon arrival.


A Powerhouse Transformational Retreat

Powerful Women Ready to Soar to a Bigger Vision and a More Expanded Self!


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